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what does locum tenens actually mean?

locum tenens

[lo' kum ten' ens]
A physician who temporarily takes the place of another.

what does locumtenens.com do?

When a healthcare facility has too many patients and not enough clinicians on staff, we help find the perfect physician, advanced practitioner, psychologist, or social worker to temporarily fill the void so patients aren’t left unseen.

Before we can find physicians we have to first hire to fill internal roles. We seek out the best and brightest people to work in accounting, technology, sales, staffing and much more, but above all else we look for commitment to improving healthcare through our innovative staffing solutions.

No matter what you studied in school or what career stage you’re in, there’s a place for you here.


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Shea - Talent acquisition director


Talent acquisition director
Morgan - Talent acquisition recruiter


Talent acquisition recruiter
Nina - Talent acquisition partner


Talent acquisition partner
Katie - Talent acquisition coordinator


Talent acquisition coordinator
Jenny - Talent acquisition partner


Talent acquisition partner
Kristen - Talent acquisition recruiter


Talent acquisition recruiter
Heather - Talent acquisition recruiter


Talent acquisition recruiter
Grace - Talent acquisition recruiter


Talent acquisition recruiter
Locumtenens.com in the news

Locumtenens.com in the news

Stay updated on press releases and news mentions for LocumTenens.com. We track trends that affect the medical profession - issues like the growing U.S. physician shortage, physician compensation and satisfaction, and physicians' views about current retention efforts across the healthcare industry.

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Awards & Recognition

LocumTenens.com, as part of the Jackson Healthcare family of companies, makes up the third largest healthcare staffing company in the nation, according to Staffing Industry Analysts. Over the years the company and its leadership has been recognized for its commitment to excellent customer service and building a service-focused culture.