Associate Networks

Be Yourself

We offer a wide range of trainings, lectures and groups for associates to share and learn with their peers. We encourage all associates to keep the conversation going and make change happen.

Some of the networks available to associates include:

  • Conversations: A Learning Experience about Race
  • People of Color Network
  • Inclusion Advisory Council
  • PRIDE Network associate networks


 - Team Coordinator, Psychiatry

"I’ve been a Co-Lead for the Pride Network ANG for over a year. I love being connected with like-minded people who care about LGBTQ+ issues. Our Pride Network is also a safe space where we encourage you to be who you are and you’ll have a group of people who will support you."

Team Coordinator, Psychiatry
 - Associate Vice President, Psychiatry

"The Associate Networking Groups have offered tremendous value in the way of professional development, personal development, inclusivity, and a point connection for the employees of JH. The Women’s Network provided me the opportunity to share my passions for philanthropy and mentorship with fellow associates. There’s a level of fulfillment achieved when you can engage in your passions and interest beyond your traditional day to day work. It provides a more complete and well rounded employee experience. It also provides employees the opportunity to learn from one another so we have the tools to better serve our customers, our communities and each other. I am thrilled that our company offers these groups!"

Associate Vice President, Psychiatry